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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Aamra Ek Sachetan Prayas

Aamra Ek Sachetan Prayas is a platform to publish Books, Magazine, to make Documentary Film, to make Study / Survey, to arrange Seminar on different Socio-Economic, Cultural, Political, Socio-Religious subjects.

Bhanderdaha a Lake in Murshidabad was our first attempt to documentise people’s grievance and protest along with vast resources of geography. Bhanderdaha the supplier of water, fish or life, livelihood of approx. eighteen villages of four blocks was endangered by politics, environmentalism and administrative negligence.

Aamra Ek Sachetan Prayas was formed as a protest against atrocities on common people in Nandigram, East Medinipur, West Bengal. On 2007, Calcutta Book Fair we first published a Table Calendar subjecting 'Development-Displacement-Resistance', a collection of various photographies from the places like Singur, Nandigram, Talinala (Kolkata), Haripur (East Medinipur) etc.. We submitted our Study Report based on The Missing People of Nandigram to The People’s Tribunal on Nandigram in Kolkata and Nandigram.  We also co-published a book (Aparajeyo Nandigram) with ‘Pratayay’ written by journalist Sukumar Mitra on 2009 narrating daily up and downs of Nandigram since 2006.

2009 Calcutta Book Fair, series of Calendars on different subjects like Painting on people’s resistance, images of Rabindranath, Che, Lalon Fakir, John Lennon was largely accepted by the people and media. A continuation of this type of mass-contact is going on in different book fair, little-magazine fair, boul-fakir mela and seminars. Dethroning the heierchy and documenting mass-protest our manifestation on Egypt, Tunisia are another attempt to send massage.

On 3rd April 2010 Aamra Ek Sachetan Prayas had arranged a seminar on ‘Victims of Religion and Politics-from Muqbul Fida Hussain, Taslima Nasreen to Bauls and Fakirs of Bengal’ in Mahabodhi Society Hall, College Square, Kolkata. Speakers were Mahesweta Devi, Joy Goswami, Giasuddin, Shaktinath Jha, Sujato Bhadra, Dipankar Chakraborty.

2011, we published two books on different events. Kankar Singha a columnist from Bangladesh, presently residing here in Kolkata brought down history on partition, minority crisis of Bangladesh. Our First book (Deshbhag : Sankhyalaghu Sankat : Bangladesh) introduced in Calcutta Little Magazine Fair (College Square). Second book on Quotation (El camino del destino), transcripting in three different languages (Bengali, English, Spanish) Edited by Malabika Bhattacharya, Conceptualised by Joyeeta Dutta highly accepted by the Spanish Faculty and Students.
few moments of the seminar
Protest against forceful agricultural land grabbing at Rajarhat area
Victims of Rajarhat 

a book stall at Jadavpur


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