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Monday, 19 August 2019

Exploring Kankinara-Bhatpara of late

While AAMRA ek sachetan prayas attempts make sense of the changing world around us through the dedicated team of researchers the demand from changing world is ever increasing. The vibrancy with which such change is taking place makes it difficult for us to even keep a track of the things that are happening, let alone studying. We have witnessed several new incidents of mob lynching, polarisation and violence along the identity faultines, irresponsible comments by people who embody public sphere and of course the formation of a political sphere that no longer pays attention to the people any more. It's the strategic players and 'scientific' algorithm that has began to undermine the democratic spirit or the sentiment - whatever is still remaining. However, even in this dark hours AAMRA celebrates to the fact that publication houses like Sage takes the courage to publish a book entitled Lynch files by Zia us Salam or journals like International Journal of Conflict and Violence (click here for details) and Journal of Indian Anthropological Society (click here for details) publish article by AAMRA scholars on making and unmaking of polarisation in this part of the world.

We are working... dear fellow enthusiasts, we are working along the pathway to dream of a time when plurality and diversity is celebrated once again. Presently we are exploring Bhantpara-kankinara to understand the nature and extent of polarisation and politics. Interesting geography, interesting interfaces and legacies. Where people had to defecate together take bath together, literally privacy is breached through porous boundaries fought in the name of religion. Yes there are still coexistence if not a loud one... How does one make sense of that? AAMRA is searching for answers... Perhaps may be revisiting the questions themselves. A few moments from the latest field visit in August 2019.
Space for Tajia and Shri ram together

Jute mill gate

People bathing together 

We expect bring out comprehensive report on what is happening in West Bengal Post Ramnavami spectacle. 

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