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Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Rejinagar Shariyati Violence: What does it indicate?

Several villages in Rejinagar Murshidabad have witnessed attack on Pirpanthi followers by Sharia followers in 2016. AAMRA has made repeated field visits find out what happened? how did it happen? and why did it happen?

With repeated field visits multiple dimensions of violence was surfaced. What AAMRA feels to be most disturbing is the tendency of people to implement quick and dirty mechanisms of violence to wipe out whoever is a little different from others. The dimensions that requires immediate attention includes:

a. consolidation of ideal Muslim prototypes
b. Social exclusion and violence through organisation base
c. Organised forms of violence
d. Targetting relatively open forums such as pirpanth traditions which is often Syncretic in nature.

The report is available with AAMRA.

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